They Made Hit Records and Saw UFOs

On the 24th of August 1974, Lennon was sleeping naked in an NYC penthouse apartment located on East 52nd Street. He wasn’t with Yoko Ono that day but was with her girlfriend May Pang. He was looking through the sketches of his forthcoming album’s cover, and was waiting to shower. He said that at 9pm, that he “got an urge” to rise and head to the window. He walked through the penthouse’s large patio and observed an Joe Rogan Ufo in the shape of a saucer. It was surrounded by white lights. It also had an orange light at the top that flashed. In his own words “I wasn’t surprised to see the UFO really, as it looked just like the spaceships we’ve all seen on the cinema growing up, but then I realised this thing was real and so close, that I could almost touch it!” May Pang also saw the object.

May Pang had just come in the shower, and she was drying her hair after which John asked her to get there quickly. She went to investigate what was going on and was shocked to find John completely naked in front of the rooftop and pointing in the direction of the southeast. She later told of the sighting as “a brightly lit circular UFO, floating silently and less than 100 feet away.” The sound was not heard out of the spacecraft. The sun’s rays still gave plenty of illumination to give a great glimpse of the saucer-shaped design, minus the light sources. The object began to slowly disappear, May said that John stood with arms stretched out, yelling at the object to come back to remove him. This may sound odd but there’s an explanation behind the strange behaviour.

Forty odd years following the discovery at the penthouse Uri Geller recalled the previous experience John Lennon had at the Dakota where he stayed together with Yoko Ono. He was asleep in bed in the night when a flashing light was visible around the edges of the bedroom door that was closed. He quickly awoke and walked to the door, and then pushed it open. He was confronted immediately with the four “thin creatures” that pushed him into the “tunnel of light.” Lennon did not recall much, however, it was true that he received an object of metal that was shaped as an egg, which fit into your palm. Then he gave it to Uri after telling Geller the tale. Uri keeps it and is awed by the gift. It seems that Lennon was of the opinion that the incident in the penthouse was about the creatures coming back for him.

May Pang and John Lennon tried to capture the subject. The images were bizarrely over exposed. Lennon made contact with the police few minutes after. He was informed that several messages were made about it however they were unsure of what the saucer-shaped object could be. Uri Geller claimed that John was not concerned about the encounter as his childhood fantasies included encountering UFOs, and possibly encountering Aliens. John sketched the sight he witnessed and relived the incident in the notecards of his album WALLS and BRIDGES music album.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen UFOs for you to become interested in these. I don’t think anyone from The Ramones have seen a UFO. However, they didn’t keep them from attending an NYC Lecture I presented in the 1980s. I was at the lectern , getting ready to present my talk when I saw a few strangely dressed men walk through the an area in the rear of the venue. They were wearing black leather jackets, with white skulls protruding from different locations on their jackets. I could not see their faces from this distance. My wife walked up to the podium and informed me that the Ramones were present. They attended a number of lectures I taught in the past.

If you consider UFOs or Aliens, David Bowie may be the first name that comes to the forefront. At the age of 15, he was an actor in the Rock group (1962). When he was 20, Bowie released his first album (1967). At the age of 22, David Bowie had his first major hit album, called SPACE ODDITY (1969). In 1972, he changed to a different genre and changed his name to Ziggy Stardust. On the outside, he was David Bowie and retained that name professionally, but on stage it was ZIGGY STARDUST and The SPIDERS OF MARS.


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