Backlink Basics – How to Get More Traffic for Your Keywords

There’s a quick and easy method of increasing traffic from search engines: create more keywords rich backlinks. Google revolutionized the search industry by introducing a ranking system for websites according to popularity, and other search engines also followed similar practices. Today, search engines look at Private Blog Network Links as a measure of popularity. The more backlinks you have on your site which claim that your website has to do with “natural dog food” the higher the likelihood that you’ll be listed in search results for “natural dog food.”

There are many other elements that affect ranking in the first place, but you can bet a certain wager that the higher number of backlinks can get for your particular keywords, the greater chance to rank for the keywords you’re targeting. Backlinks can provide additional advantages when compared with other forms of traffic-building.

1. Backlinks are for free.

Although you can outsource link development, it’s cheaper than pay-per-click marketing. If you create the link by yourself, you’ll pay nothing more than time! You can produce thousands or hundreds of thousands at no cost if you put in enough time and energy.

2. Backlinks can create organic listings.

When you establish backlinks your site will show up in organic results of search results for the keywords you have chosen. While pay-per-click ads will appear in the upper and lower right of the results page the majority of users have come to avoid these advertisements. It is better to spend time creating backlinks and appearing at the place people are seeking.

You’ve learned the advantages of creating backlinks, how can you go about it? The first step is to not pay for an online link building service or a link exchange website. The majority of them aren’t trustworthy as Google as well as other engines do not see these sites as trustworthy.

Distribution of material in the form press releases and articles including insightful comments on relevant blogs (that must follow the hyperlinks) and making use of social bookmarking websites is the easiest and most assured method of creating credible backlinks to your site. Let’s examine each of these in greater detail.

Article Directories

There are many directories for articles that you can make use of to publish articles for backlinking for backlink purposes. It is best to concentrate on the best directories that will provide you with high-quality backlinks. EzineArticles, GoArticles and ArticleDashboard are among the top three however you are able to make use of other directories that have an excellent page rank.

Press Release Newswires

Press releases are like articles in the sense that they can be distributed to directories for backlinks. These directories, also known as newswires, are a source of influence and can assist in gaining backlinks. In contrast to articles, you can insert links into the body of your press release for more backlinking potential. Submit to DBusinesswire, PRLog and to start.

Commenting on Relevant Blogs

Links from relevant blogs provide your SEO rank and can also generate visitors to your site from those who read your blog posts and then visit your site. To gain benefits of backlinks, discover websites with hyperlinks that do follow. These are able to transfer the page’s rank to your site.

Social Bookmarking

The final element to the puzzle of backlinking is using social bookmarking. These sites will highlight your websites and articles by name only, and provide a search engine optimized link to your site. It is possible to submit your site your website to Reddit, Digg, and to boost your backlinks.

With these four tools along with some time and original content can help you get the most benefit from backlinking and experience improvements in traffic and rankings on your site.

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