How to be a great leader – Leadership tips and top 5 guidelines

These simple, yet effective tips will guide you on your path to being an inspiring and motivated leader.

Mike McGahan CLV Group is a leadership group . However, this article is only the first step. Once you have absorbed these instructions, you’ll be better prepared to continue your quest for this powerful knowledge. Now, take a deep breath and just let the information sink in.

GUIDELINE 1: BE FAITHFUL. A leader must keep his/her vision in mind, no matter the obstacles. You will be able to awaken your confidence, which will make you more confident and will radiate out from you. Your force is taking action in alignment with your vision.. regardless of what comes up.

GUIDELINE #2, INTEGRITY – Be honest with yourself. You can be honest and say what you feel. You must accept the reality of all that is happening around you. You will not be integrated if your intuition tells you that certain things are important, even if it seems absurd )…. Leaders are integrated. Because your body language reflects your mental state, others will appreciate and be able to see your integrity. Tip: Just look at the greatest leaders…observe their integrity…they did what they preached.

GUIDELINE #3- PAY ATTENTION Always be aware of your surroundings. Take a look at your whole environment, both the physical and mental. Being more aware will increase your awareness and allow you to take up more space. Tip: When you are next in line with a leader notice how they emit an aura of being larger and more interesting than other people. It’s something that you can feel. It is their presence. Observe where you are and notice what and who you are around you. It will eventually happen to you automatically…at that point, start paying attention to what other people are saying to help you guide them . When that happens, then you can really expand your presence conscious. Once you reach this point, you will always feel “in the zone”.

GUIDELINE #4 – TRUST IN THE PROCESS. How Can You Be a Good Leader? You must have a vision. Leaders are able to do what it takes to achieve their vision. Sometimes, it might seem that… things… are not going right…or …” as they should. A leader who is a good leader should understand how the mind works. It cannot see everything in the larger picture. It is your higher intelligence who handles this. Let go of mental ideas and learn to trust the other part of yourself. You will once again radiate your confidence.

GUIDELINE #5 – INSPIRE OTHERS TO BECOME THIER OWN LEADERS Walk your talk and do the right thing. Respect others… and be open to seeing them as the great leaders they can become for themselves. Allow them to see that they are the best resource for…awakening, and empowering themselves. Tip: Never assume that a leader is better than others. It is a sign of a dictator. Leaders are humble and can appreciate his wisdom, and will share it with others if it resonates.