Hypnosis Videos

This page contains links to some of the most interesting hypnosis video resources on the web. If you know of any others please get in touch and let us know.


Eric Willmarth

Dr Eric Willmarth has devoted many years to interviewing prominent clinicans who use hypnosis, and researchers investigating hypnosis. His collection of interviews are well worth watching.

Hypnosis research

A news report on a hypnosis brain-imaging study by Dr Amir Raz.
Click here to watch the video at YouTube (click here to download the research paper)

Professor David Oakley at University College London demonstrating some of his research methods to Nicola Jones - a writer for New Scientist

Hypnosis in surgery

'Hypnosurgery Live' was shown on the More4 channel in the UK in 2006. It featured a live hernia operation on a man who was using hypnosis as his anaesthetic. There is also some interesting discussion with Professor David Oakley.

Hypnosis in dentistry

Dr Mike Gow using hypnosis to help a patient control her pain during a tooth extraction. (A clip from the BBC series 'Alternative Therapies: Hypnotherapy')

Ashley Goodman, DDS performs a crown prep with no anesthetic, just hypnosis, on Steven Fines. As seen on the Discovery Channel program, "Human Body: Pushing The Limits."

Hypnosis in childbirth

Dr Nancy Durand, a gynecologist in Toronto, on a chat show talking about the use of hypnosis in childbirth ('hypnobirthing')


Silent film of hypnosis by Dr L Beck at the University of Oregon


Animal hypnosis

Not strictly hypnosis, but the phenomenon of tonic immobility is fascinating