How to Use Twitter: Basics

Twitter: How to Use it

What is Twitter?

Do you want to learn more about How To Twitter? We will answer this question before we go into the details of How To Twitter and how to use Twitter for our benefit both professionally and socially.

Twitter is a virtual sharing site where valuable information is shared daily by thousands of people. This includes ordinary citizens, small business owners and CEOs of large corporations. Twitter is not only a great tool for those who run a business, but it can also be used to stay in touch with others and update their personal lives.

Tweeting is a way to explain “What Is Twitter”. Tweets are 140-character messages that allow users to share thoughts, bulletins or articles, as well as news posts.

Join Twitter

This may seem like an obvious first step, but you’ll need to know this information if you want to be able To Twitter in a way that is beneficial. This step involves identifying your Twitter interests by choosing friends, celebrities or companies that reflect who you are. Twitter is a social networking site that uses your interests to suggest people to follow and recommend you to others.

During the registration process, you should also check your contacts to see if any of your friends are on Twitter. You can invite them to join Twitter and learn how to tweet. If you decide to become a Twitter member, you should update your interests as well as post a photo of yourself that you would like to be seen by the rest of the world.

Build Your Twitter Network

After you’ve joined twitter, you should start establishing a presence online in your chosen niche. This step still applies if you’re an individual looking to share their experiences and learn more about other users.

You can start by establishing worldwide twitter trends accounts. You should not only follow accounts that interest you, but you can also reap the benefits of Re-Tweeting interesting posts. You will gain more exposure when Twitter recommends your posts, whether you are posting something of your own or Re-Tweeting someone else’s.

Hover your mouse over the title to Re-Tweet the post of another user that you follow. You will see three options to the right of the title: Reply (reply), Re-Tweet (retweet) and Favorite. You can only Re-Tweet a post if you want it to be publicly visible on your page. You can reply to a post on your own page as well as the original poster’s page.

To learn how to use Twitter, you will also need to search for companies or people who share your interests. You can search for a user by their genre, such as Jazz music, Yoga, Quitting Smoking, etc. When you log in to Twitter, the Search option will be located on the right-hand side of your screen. You can browse categories by clicking the Discover link in the top menu.

How to Follow

The following feature is a key part of Twitter and can help you become a Twitter star. Once you learn how to do it, you will be following everyone and getting followers in return. You can follow someone by visiting their profile and clicking the “Follow button” in the upper-right corner. You can follow a user by clicking on the button. Their tweets will appear in your timeline.

How to Tweet

Once you’ve sent your first tweet, it will be hard to stop. Click the “Compose a new tweet” text box and then type your message. Twitter’s 140 character limit is because it used to be an SMS-based service before it became a web-based service. This is what makes Twitter so fun. It can be difficult to write a text within this limit, but it can also bring out your creativity. Once you’ve decided how to share with the world how amazing peanut butter is, you can simply press the Enter key. The text you have entered will be visible to the entire world.

Trending topics and Hash Tags

As you become more active on Twitter, you’ll start to see people tweeting things like “#thatawkwardmoment”. The hash at first turns the phrase into an url that when clicked will bring up all tweets containing that phrase. It can be very helpful when you are trying to convey a message or if you have something that you want to share with everyone. Hash tags can be used to create a buzz about your Twitter account and add a creative touch to your tweets. You will find a box on your Twitter dashboard that states trends and is preceded by the location. (This location can be changed simply by clicking “Change”). Twitter’s pride and joy, this is what it shows. It displays what people in the area are currently talking about. The trending topics will be a big part of your Twitter experience and may even inspire a Nobel Prize-winning tweet. Some trends can last weeks and be global, but others will only last a few days or hours in one location. Pay attention to this box to stay up-to-date on the latest topics. Note that Twitter will not allow you to use the symbols (@.,$%^&*) within a hashtag. It will split the phrase automatically upon the symbol’s insertion.

Promote Yourself Or Your Company

If you are interested in using Twitter as a platform for advertising, there is an advertisement notice at the bottom left of every page. Fill out the details in the new window. Twitter can have a huge impact on the success of your company. You will no longer need to ask What Is Twitter.